Web, Desktop app & 🚀 Speedy Updates

🌐 Web app

Add possibility to customize your "Web app", "Progressive web app", "Website" or whatever! Icon, background color, etc.

Make your web apps installable 📲 with the Web App Manifest

The Manifest for Web applications is a simple JSON file that gives you, the developer, the ability to control how your app appears to the user in the areas that they would expect to see apps (for example the mobile home screen), direct what the user can launch and, more importantly, how they can launch it.

🖥️ Desktop app (MacOs & Windows)

  • Better handling offline connection
  • Improve assets download management

🚄 Roll out servers to HTTP/2

HTTP/2 make our applications, studio, website, etc. faster, simpler, and more robust.

The primary goals are to reduce latency by enabling full request and response multiplexing, minimize protocol overhead via efficient compression of HTTP header fields, and add support for request prioritization and server push.