Bug fixes


  • [🆕NEW] Drag&Drop new properties (max, locked & bringToFront)
  • [🆕NEW] Recognizer new properties (sensitivity & numMatches)
  • [🆕NEW] New iPhone layout size
  • [🐞BUG] Bad UI window position on first time if it's out of app bounds
  • [🐞BUG] Bad positions after ungroup elements or during copy/paste
  • [🐞BUG] Use new documentation links
  • [🐞BUG] When editing popup from foreground (visual)
  • [🐞BUG] Invalid shape bounds cause strange rendering on Viewers
  • [💥CRASH] When selection changed (graphic to non graphic element)
  • [💥CRASH] When changing URL source in web component
  • [💥CRASH] When editing background popup
  • [💥CRASH] Potentially when editing popup if content is null
  • [💥CRASH] In sequence component if marker is null


  • [🏋️IMPROVEMENT] Full compliant iOS 12+
  • [🏋️IMPROVEMENT] Reduce loading time of projects
  • [🏋️IMPROVEMENT] IPA can contain all assets to prevent any downloading after install
  • [🐞BUG] WebView not handle orientation changes correctly
  • [🐞BUG] Multi-state animation within another multi-state
  • [🐞BUG] Drag&Drop max was not correctly reset
  • [🐞BUG] Popup not reload children
  • [🐞BUG] Bad synchronization with gallery & multi-state
  • [🐞BUG] Parent view didn't wait children creation complete


  • [🐞BUG] Drag&Drop max was not correctly reset
  • [🐞BUG] Drag&Drop not working if parent have rotation
  • [🐞BUG] Shape not correctly renderer
  • [🐞BUG] Text are cropped strangely
  • [💥CRASH] When storing huge files on device disk

Web, macOS & Windows

  • [🏋️IMPROVEMENT] A lot of optimisation when using Service Workers
  • [🏋️IMPROVEMENT] Gallery & Scroll use the grab cursor
  • [🐞BUG] IgnoreSearch is too slow Windows
  • [🐞BUG] Image deformation Internet Explorer < 12
  • [🐞BUG] Drag&Drop max was not correctly reset
  • [🐞BUG] Leaflet container not transparent
  • [🐞BUG] Wrong text size
  • [🐞BUG] VideoPlayer touch controls not working on mobile devices
  • [🐞BUG] Web component not excluding context
  • [🐞BUG] Multiple popup opening cause depth problem
  • [🐞BUG] VideoPlayer relaunch don’t stop the video
  • [🐞BUG] Prevent object without parent to raise useless exception
  • [🐞BUG] Multi-state animation within another multi-state