Understanding Progressive Web Apps 💁


Progressive Web Apps is one of the trendy subjects right now in the digital world.

Between a web app and a native app, they are being presented as an alternative to the hegemony of the app stores and the limitations of web browsers.

↗️But why are they so attractive?

Dynamic data management 📲


Discover our new feature, which lets you automatically manage your data.

Have a catalogue with lots of products? A new multiple choice questionnaire to set up?

Acting as both a content manager and a new Variables & Condition system, this external platform will let you increase your productivity, take your projects further, and bring in new collaborators!

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Bug fixes


  • [🆕NEW] Drag&Drop new properties (max, locked & bringToFront)
  • [🆕NEW] Recognizer new properties (sensitivity & numMatches)
  • [🆕NEW] New iPhone layout size
  • [🐞BUG] Bad UI window position on first time if it's out of app bounds
  • [🐞BUG] Bad positions after ungroup elements or during copy/paste
  • [🐞BUG] Use new documentation links
  • [🐞BUG] When editing popup from foreground (visual)
  • [🐞BUG] Invalid shape bounds cause strange rendering on Viewers
  • [💥CRASH] When selection changed (graphic to non graphic element)
  • [💥CRASH] When changing URL source in web component
  • [💥CRASH] When editing background popup
  • [💥CRASH] Potentially when editing popup if content is null
  • [💥CRASH] In sequence component if marker is null


  • [🏋️IMPROVEMENT] Full compliant iOS 12+
  • [🏋️IMPROVEMENT] Reduce loading time of projects
  • [🏋️IMPROVEMENT] IPA can contain all assets to prevent any downloading after install
  • [🐞BUG] WebView not handle orientation changes correctly
  • [🐞BUG] Multi-state animation within another multi-state
  • [🐞BUG] Drag&Drop max was not correctly reset
  • [🐞BUG] Popup not reload children
  • [🐞BUG] Bad synchronization with gallery & multi-state
  • [🐞BUG] Parent view didn't wait children creation complete


  • [🐞BUG] Drag&Drop max was not correctly reset
  • [🐞BUG] Drag&Drop not working if parent have rotation
  • [🐞BUG] Shape not correctly renderer
  • [🐞BUG] Text are cropped strangely
  • [💥CRASH] When storing huge files on device disk

Web, macOS & Windows

  • [🏋️IMPROVEMENT] A lot of optimisation when using Service Workers
  • [🏋️IMPROVEMENT] Gallery & Scroll use the grab cursor
  • [🐞BUG] IgnoreSearch is too slow Windows
  • [🐞BUG] Image deformation Internet Explorer < 12
  • [🐞BUG] Drag&Drop max was not correctly reset
  • [🐞BUG] Leaflet container not transparent
  • [🐞BUG] Wrong text size
  • [🐞BUG] VideoPlayer touch controls not working on mobile devices
  • [🐞BUG] Web component not excluding context
  • [🐞BUG] Multiple popup opening cause depth problem
  • [🐞BUG] VideoPlayer relaunch don’t stop the video
  • [🐞BUG] Prevent object without parent to raise useless exception
  • [🐞BUG] Multi-state animation within another multi-state

Studio looks like a new one! 😍


PandaSuite team works hard to offer you an experience even more intuitive and user-friendly.

With this in mind we have changed some stuffs in it to make its controlling easier and to boost your creativity. A restyle of the interface that gives it a real rejuvenation!

We explain everything to you in details

"The" Desktop App 🖥️


Share your app on desktops and customize recipients.

It's now possible with the desktop app. One app, several channels to share what you want to who you want. We tell you everything about this new way to publish your app.

Desktop app: how does it work?

Bug fixes of VE Day


  • [BUG] Enqueue HTML events before loading if not loaded yet


  • [BUG] Fail to detect audio support Microsoft Edge
  • [BUG] Preload sequences only before playing Internet Explorer <= 11
  • [BUG] Sometimes the video player did not want to launch
  • [BUG] Mute video if volume is null due to autoplay
  • [BUG] Popup takes all the events the first time it opens
  • [BUG] Enqueue HTML events before loading if not loaded yet

Avoid writer's block + 2 bonus

Practical guide to avoid writer's block 🤓

No, the fear of the blank page is not only for writers. Many projects on PandaSuite were blocked for a time because of a lack of inspiration, no precise goal, no target, no central theme, overheated brain... Don't worry we are not letting you alone! Here is a practical guide to fight the fear of the blank page. Read more

[BONUS] 👩🏻‍🏫 Tutorial: How to insert 360° images or videos

[BONUS] 📺 Webinar Replay: Create location-based mobile apps

Web, Desktop app & 🚀 Speedy Updates

🌐 Web app

Add possibility to customize your "Web app", "Progressive web app", "Website" or whatever! Icon, background color, etc.

Make your web apps installable 📲 with the Web App Manifest

The Manifest for Web applications is a simple JSON file that gives you, the developer, the ability to control how your app appears to the user in the areas that they would expect to see apps (for example the mobile home screen), direct what the user can launch and, more importantly, how they can launch it.

🖥️ Desktop app (MacOs & Windows)

  • Better handling offline connection
  • Improve assets download management

🚄 Roll out servers to HTTP/2

HTTP/2 make our applications, studio, website, etc. faster, simpler, and more robust.

The primary goals are to reduce latency by enabling full request and response multiplexing, minimize protocol overhead via efficient compression of HTTP header fields, and add support for request prioritization and server push.

Bug fixes


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Web markers can be numbers
  • [BUG] Bad initial volume (video)
  • [CRASH] Crash during markers synchronization (video)


  • [BUG] Re-dispatch old marker if we move (scrollable)
  • [BUG] Path scale from the origin (shape)


  • [IMPROVEMENT] 💪image use transparent background filling
  • [BUG] Curl timeout too short

New Apps + bonus tutorial

Image recognition to enrich cultural experience

How can an app tell you things about art by using the camera ? That's the objective of Peter Knapp app which uses image recognition to show you further details about pieces of artwork. Read more

An educational app about the Corsican agriculture

Do you know educational apps about Corsican agriculture ? We do ! And we particulary know one of them : Da a tarra à u piattu. Read more

[BONUS] 👩🏻‍🏫 Tutorial: How to create an audio progress bar